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How to Handle Father Son Relationship in Worse Situations

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The complication between a relationship of a son and a father can be quite compound as compared to all the other relationships. Sons and father can have their viewpoint and interests that may vary widely leading them hard for each other to understand. These interests and their way of thinking can lead them to have a competitive feeling against each. At times’ their male ego don’t  let them surrender  to what they actually feel for each other which often creates a communication gap between them. Though both of them knows how to deal with all the ups and downs of their life and they are quite mature enough to deal with the issues, but when it comes to specifically this situation it becomes quite hard for them because neither of two knows how to get along with !

Technology does play a very crucial role in everyone’s life .It is hard to live without our gadgets in this speedy era. So why not to use this technology to guide our family and friends about the importance of this connection! There are many applications available for our smart phones where you can easily record your voice and share your experiences about how to deal with this situation in a more appropriate manner!

While I have observed my relationship with my son over the years, I have recognized some of the key factors to discuss with you to build this Father - Son relation stronger and honorable.

·  To admit that sons get influenced by their fathers

Believe it not fathers, are what sons look up to, even though your relation must be going in a very hay wired manner, but YES, you are their ideal definition of what a superhero is. A father is responsible for the personal development of his son which is often ignored. Respect everyone around you and try to deal with the situations in a more sorted manner. As your son is looking up to you he will try to inculcate some of your behavioral attributes in him like that of interacting with others. So set a good example for your kid.

·  Try to get yourself involved in some Father-kids activity

In this busy schedule, we tend to forget spending quality time with our family. Try To spend some quality time with your son .No doubt your interests can vary in terms of what you think or how you want to spend your time . Try to search some of the interests which you people have in common. Try hiking or biking and show up your vibrant side to your kids.

· Make you relationship a comfortable one

Take out some time for your kid so that you can have time to talk about some of the important topics of life ,as it can be hard for a son to share many of his things  to his mother. Be open about some of the important topics that one should discuss so as to develop a better attitude towards them.

Final Notion!

It is important for one to know how to handle this relation, no doubt it is a complex one, but if you put in your efforts you will for sure observe the improvement. Put in the use of technology and record your voice to share your experiences with others.