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Avoid These Things When Delivering a Eulogy Speech at a Funeral

Eulogy Speech

Funerals are for sure very tough for everyone, to a bid goodbye to your loved one can be very challenging especially for family and their friends. To deliver a pre recorded eulogy speech is indeed a task for them as it is hard for people around to get away with this emotion of loosing someone. In fact, people feel confident enough to speak in public finds this moment of addressing a memorial very burdensome as it is one of the biggest responsibilities.

So to prepare you to give your best eulogy speech, we have enlisted some of the basic tips and tricks that one must put in use so as to deliver the best eulogy speech and to convey a truly fitting eulogy.

· Avoid Listing

One should avoid listing the series of events that one may have experience with the deceased person, as it may sound interesting to you and the people who may be familiar with those events but the same is not true for everyone. Try to make it more interesting by relating the event in the form of a story or by adding a bit of humor to your eulogy speech.

As it can difficult for anyone to sum up one’s life in a few minutes ,but try to wind up  writing 5-7 minutes as you are prone to lose the attention of your audiences.

·  Focus on Quality over quantity

One must always try to focus on the quality of the matter that you are about to speak while you are giving your eulogy speech. Try to highlight some of your important events and also emphasize on some of the important personality traits of the deceased person.

·  Be Honest

It is good to be honest, while you tell some of the important personality traits of the person, but we are not here to speak ill for the deceased person, as no one from the crowd will cherish your negative eulogy. So try to be honest in such a way that the person is remembered with all of their positive traits.

·  Avoid Rushing

Try not to rush up with your eulogy, one of the ways that you can practice is to specially write “pause” in your eulogy so that you are aware of the fact that where you need to pause. This will not only help you make your content crisp and clear, but also the attention of your audiences won’t be deviated.


Though it can very hard of one to deliver a eulogy speech, but if you don’t feel confident enough, you can also use your pre recorded eulogy speech so as to make it the perfect eulogy for your love one.