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5 Reasons Everyone Should Honour Their Loved One

Every One should Honour Loved ones

It is very hard for one to get over the feelings when a dear one departs, no doubt this is just the cycle of life and no one can do anything about it but it does make the people around the departed soul upset. It is very difficult for people to lose some special person in their life, and because of the fact that at the very point the feelings are so intensified, that person at times prefers to forego having a funeral.

People at times may not be in the favor to organize a funeral as they may not be feeling it importance of this last goodbye. When a person departs it affects many people around them so yes, it is quite important for everyone so that they are able to a bid goodbye. While one can organize a funeral of the deceased person the best thing that one can do is by recording memories for family so that they can remember the good times.

· It allows one to say goodbye, for the last time

One of the biggest reasons why a funeral must be there is that everyone must be given equal opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one for the last time and that too among everyone. The other important aspect of conducting a funeral is that it helps for one in the healing process and triggers to move on.

· Helps in finding closure

It is normal for one to feel lost in the tornado of emotions. The pain and grief can be overwhelming for one, but these kinds of events helps one to find closure and also helps to start a new beginning.

· Honour the memories

Everyone wants to be remembered in a respected way so a funeral helps one to pay a tribute that one always wanted for. One is appreciated for all the achievements they have got in their life. 

· Helps in bringing the loved ones together

Respecting a loved one will also help your loved ones to give a chance to be together again. As everyone is busy with their life, it becomes difficult for people to come and share their valuable time together. Though in this moment of grief, people can connect with each other and can replicate their feeling for the deceased soul.

· Cheers to a well lived life

A family must not mourn; instead they must celebrate the type of life they lived, because even if the person is not present in a physical manner but will always be remembered in your memories and this is not less than a milestone.


A funeral is an opportunity where a person gets a chance to say goodbye for the last time. People tend to express their feelings in the forms of eulogy, letters or by recording memories for family. So, don’t miss your last chance!