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Rebuilding Trust: Moments to Make Better Memories


A life is just like a jigsaw puzzle and memories are the parts which complete the puzzle.  Do you remember your first day at school or when you got that prize in spelling bee competition or if not this then your first kiss, your graduation or your first job! These are some of the memories that we all will adore and cherish all through our lives. But apart from these big memories, we do remember small little memories that happened to create a huge impact on our emotions and life as well. Precious little things that happened in your life help to create a significant bond with others and also play an important role in defining who you really are.

Technology has started to play a very important role in our life we tend to capture each and every special moment of our life so that we can relive those moments again by just swapping! Isn’t it amazing, to relive those moments of serendipity? You can even record your voice and record your emotions in some of the most beautiful ways.

So, let’s get some of the best ideas to make our memories better so that we get the best of our flashbacks.

• Try to create some moments of elevation

But what are actually moments of elevation for one? Don’t be confused! Do you remember the last time you went to your school reunion, and you were very happy to meet your old friends and at that very moment you felt an urge to take out your camera and capture each and every moment, this is what a moment of elevation is!

The basics of a moment of elevation are to make any event the most valuable and special so as to get the flashbacks of that event all through our lives.

Remember your wedding day, when you saw your bride dressed like a queen just for you or the birth of your first kid, these are exactly some of the moments which will be remembered.

• Celebrating the moments of pride

Remember those sessions where your group declared you the craziest person, you felt good about it right and what about that tennis tournament of yours where you bagged the first prize you make your parents proud!

It’s not only about the fact that you made them proud, but it’s just about how you celebrated your victory. Set your goals and try to achieve them because to reach your goal it does requires a whole lot of efforts and which should not be wasted. So celebrate and enjoy!

• Build some precious moments where you can connect

One may feel some moments where you can feel that strong bond or connection with one another, try to mend those bonds by creating some of the most valuable memories. Try to cook together or go out on a hiking and spend some time together to connect well.

Final Notion!

To create memories it is important for one to value the most important events of one’s life. So, pull out your camera and record your voice and events so as to cherish them forever.