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Leaving Your Baby At Daycare For The First Time


It’s so natural for a parent to worry when they approach a child care centre for the first time, the main reason behind this may be the fact that you were never used to this mixed feeling before, but yes this feeling will continue at least for a couple of weeks! It’s good when you have started to work and look after for yourself but again being terrified to leave your baby in the hands of others is quite understandable.

In fact, when you leave our kids it’s not only you who misses your little one, but it’s even tough for your kid to be with totally some other stranger. So to put them at ease, one best use of technology you can do is to install a store voice messages app and get ample of your recordings so that they know that yes, you are still with them for the whole day.

For something you cannot do much about, further in this article we have are some suggestions for both of you to adjust and get going with this new milestone.

•    Make your sitter familiar with your kid’s routine

It is important for you to make your sitter familiar with your kid’s daily routine as both of them are very new to each other and are not much aware of the do’s and don’ts , so it is advised that before you leave your kid, inform your sitter about your kid’s favorite toy or the baby food that they eat.

This will not only help your sitter a lot, but will also help your mind to be a bit stress-free about your kid. Make sure before you leave you have all the supplies of bottles, clothes, diapers, etc.


•    Ask your sitter to spend quality time with your kid

Before to solely leave both of them alone, try to give your kid an environment where they don’t feel new. Make them spend an hour or so, which can help them to calm down. This activity will also help both your kid as well as the sitter to bond over.


•    Never sneak away!

This might seem the best thing to do, but it’s like a nightmare for your kid. Probably you leaving straight away will end your kid in a pool of tears, but certainly, they will understand. Before you leave, kiss them on their forehead which will somehow help them to give an assurance that you love them and will come back soon.


•    Ease into your routine

If you start to make the environment around your kid like this, eventually your kid will feel comfortable when they will face such new space. This activity will not only put your kid at ease but also you at peace as are very well aware of your kid’s routine.

Bottom Line!

Honestly, this will be very difficult for both of you, but you need to take such decisions. With some of the activities, try to mold your kid so that they don’t feel stuck when you are gone.