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8 Signs of Bad Parenting That Every Parent Should Know


Parents are the very first mentors of their kids, their attitude, behavior, views, and perspectives all depends on what they see as a kid always look up to their parents. Kids want to become like their parents so it is necessary for every parent to look out at their actions when they are with their kids. The child’s attitude is the reflection of their parent’s attitude towards them!

But what if you don’t look at your actions is it considered under bad parenting? Of course, yes!

At times parents do ignore their actions, not deliberately though, but still, they don’t realize that fact that they might be rude and arrogant with their kids, which may affect the state of mind of their child. In fact, some parents are not even prepared for their worst case scenario which is also included in the terms of bad parenting. But you can for sure try to get rid of such situations where you can ask for some suggestion where you give your near ones an opportunity to record your voice and convey all of their experiences to you.

So below we have mentioned some of the signs which you must not ignore as all of them is somehow or the other affecting your kid.

•    Ignoring your kid

At times parents tend to get so busy into their own schedule that they ignored their kids; it’s not that they ignore them deliberately ,but it happens. Ignoring kids may lead them to feel as if their existence is nothing to you because of which they will start to walk on a path where they can get enough attention.

So try to give your attention to them so that they don’t feel disconnected with you.

•    Physical or verbal abuse

 Exposing your kid to any kind of abuse is just not accepted as it may lead a feeling as if they are totally worthless, which may lead them to build up anger and frustration for you. Such activities further develop a feeling of insecurity in them.

•    Not trusting your kid

Some parents have a habit of not trusting their kid because of which they tend to suffocate their child. If such behavior is practiced more than your kid might turn into a rebel!

So start trusting you kid!

•    Not displaying more love and affection

 When you stop displaying your kid much of love and affection they tend to doubt themselves whether you love them or not. So try to take out some time for your kid and cuddle with them.

•    You compare them with others

Comparing your kids with others develops a feeling of inferiority complex in them, which further may lead to insecurities. So always try not to compare your kid with anyone

•    Never compliments for their achievements

Everyone loves to be complimented for their achievements and when they don’t get the appropriate one; kids tend to be frustrated because this is actually what they expect form their parents.

•    Over pampering them

Too much of pampering may spoil your kid as they are getting used to being more dependent and demanding as well. So, pamper them only when needed because everything in excess is bad!

•    Only advice, no encouragements

Providing a piece of advice is appreciated by everyone, but if you encourage your kid it, will not only help them to retain all of your advice but also will encourage them to walk on the same path. So try to make it a habit to encourage your kid as much as possible.

Wrapping Up!

It is the duty of the parents to raise their kids as a good human, but if they tend to ignore some of the above points, then they might give rise to such traits which will for sure have a lifelong irreversible impact on the lives of their kid.

Tony WardParenting, Family, Kids