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8 Practical Ways to Win The Hearts of Our Kids


Parents tend to be very busy with their day to day routine and due to which it becomes difficult for them to spend quality time with their little ones. A parent always wants the best for their kids as they love them a lot but due to certain circumstances, it becomes quite difficult for them to show that love and affection to their kids.

While you tend to get into your schedule, parents at times ignore the feelings of their kid, not intentionally for sure, but they push away their kid. To get rid of such situations parents must do some or the other thing to mend their ways with their little kids so that they can win their heart and lay the better foundation of their relationship!

In fact, one of the things which I, personally suggest to all the parents is to record your life story and make their kids know about it, because until and unless you don’t make your kids understand the situation it would be hard for them also to know what their parents went through.

Further, in this article, we will discuss some of the best ideas which will help you to win our kids love!

•    Spend Quality time together

If you feel that it’s hard for you to spend time with your kids then, a very simple way to make up to this point is to have your dinner together. This activity gives all of you an opportunity to sit together and give your views.


•    Let your kids see the trust and faith in you

If you have trust and faith in your kid, automatically they will have that same thing for you! Trust and faith are the two most essential parts to strengthen a relationship.

•    If you are wrong, apologize!

It’s nothing wrong if you apologize, this attitude of yours will only help your kid to of the gratitude which one must have! Irrespective of their relation and age!


•    Show your love and affection

Kids love when their parents show them the love and affection that they deserved! Making your kids feel their importance will help to enhance the love they have for you.

•    Control your anger

Having control over your anger is very important for every human! So, whenever you feel your kid is wrong, make them understand their mistake with love. Trust me, they won’t again repeat it!


•    Honour your kid

Everyone deserves to be respected, so does your kids! Rather than asking them to give you respect, honor your kids which will make them realize the importance, this habit will help them in future as well!

•    Communicate more

Communication helps you to mend any gap, so communicate well with your kid and share your views which will help both of you to understand each other.

•    Pray together

Praying together is very important, as it helps you to inculcate good vibes in your kids!. So pray together, pray for each other!


Bottom Line!

Spend some time together and feel the difference in your relationship with your kid, make them understand your situation and love them so that they don’t feel left alone.