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7 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Pre Recorded Message


While you install a Pre Recorded Message App in your smart devices, it helps you to share your experiences, thoughts, and views with your near and dear ones; in fact, all of the applications with all the basic features are available to the users for free. Such applications help you to build up a strong with your people eventually helps you to mend your gap with your people.

The main motive of such applications is to help you create some of the most beautiful memories which will for sure be cherished by you every time you go through them.

Great idea to relive them! Isn’t it!

Of course! But while you are recording them there are certain things that one must keep in mind, which can help you to improve your skills of recording!

Further, in this article, we will enlighten you up with some of the tips which one might tend to forget while recording!

•    Place Your Microphone at the Right Distance

While you are recording your voice for your people, make sure that you hold the microphone of your Smartphone at a certain level because holding the phone too close can get your message recorded in a distorted manner and if you hold it way too far then there is quite a possibility that your voice may be out of the reach of the application.

•    Before Finalizing – Record a Demo

 Before finalizing your best narration for your loved ones it is always suggested to record a demo first, so that when you send it your loved ones they can hear it clearly!

•    Never Get Distracted By Different Types of Animations

When you are recording your voice message and that too with the help of other software it does give you a feature with the help of which you can add animations to your recording so yes, the idea is good but don’t distract yourself with such animations as it may lead your recording to get messed up!

•     Stand Up While You Are Using Your Voice

The reason behind this point is very simple as whenever you stand you tend to feel more energized, which will obviously give you an opportunity, to get your message recorded with full enthusiasm!

•    Record with Silence

Recording a message in the environment which contains no noise is indeed a great idea as it would help your audio message to get rid of distortions.

•    Don’t Rush Up with Your Words

 Rushing up your words may lead your audio message to get messed up because of which your loved one won’t be able to receive your audio in the way you wanted.

•    Have Lots of Liquids Before Recording

Make it a point to keep all of your vocal cords clear while you are about to record a message for your loved ones for their occasion.


One of the biggest advantages to getting a Pre Recorded Message app installed in your Smartphone is that you are free to record your thought and feeling which helps you to convey them easily to your loved ones.