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5 Ways to Deal With Unsupportive Friends And Family


It’s hard for every one of us to survive alone as we all are humans and we at least need some or the other person in our life with whom we can easily share all of our thoughts and feelings. What I personally feel is that it’s hard for us to stay to ourselves all the time which makes it one of the most important reasons for us to maintain our relations or to switch over to a new one when needed.

As humans we tend to feel down and out at times, and that at that very moment we all look out for a supporting shoulder, as sharing makes everyone happy and content!

As technologically freaks humans we have a huge advantage of using smartphone where we can easily install a Pre Recorded Message application, with the help of which we can easily convey our feeling to our loved ones. But what if we start to feel that our relationship has started to hinder our personal spaces and has started to serve as a barrier in your growth!

No one wants to feel that way, right!

Further, in this article, we will enlighten you up with some of the tips and tricks to deal with your loved ones who have started to feel relationships as hindrances.

Cut Out of Negative People and Vibes

Though you can consider this point as a most dramatic one, but still everyone deserves to be happy and content so if you feel that your people have suddenly turned up against you and not listening to you then this is one of the easiest measures one can opt for. Try to cut out the people which negative vibes as they people tend to intensify negativity in your life as well!

Sit back, relax and jot down the names of the people who you think might take you for granted!

Avoid Arguments


When you have realized that you are dealing with a relation who is not supportive then the thing which one must practice is to avoid argument and act as a wise human being. There might be a point in your relationship that sharing is no more left and instead of encouraging you up in different situations, they are acting in a negative way!

•    Try To Manage Stress And Your Triggers As Well


While you are dealing with your unresponsive family member the one thing you must understand by now is to try to manage your stress in a well-behaved manner. The main reason behind understanding your triggers is that it will help you to calm down yourself whenever you feel something is there to trigger you.

Relax, sit back and try to take few deep breaths! This will actually help you to get away with the situation.

Ignorance Can Be Helpful

This might be the least favourable task for anyone to do, but if no one understands your feelings, then you must practice the rule to ignore your haters.

Confront Negativity!

Sometimes you feel that ignoring the person might not be the right thing to do , so just to give them a chance so that they can speak up for themselves is by confronting them and try to figure it out the main reason behind their behaviour.


It’s high time that one must team up with peace lovers and enjoy their life with peacemakers!