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6 Reasons Why Friends Are So Important


We all are quite aware of the importance of friends and our relationship with our best buddies in our life. At times even I wonder how come these crack heads are my person who understands me so well, and yes, they are a very significant part of my life. Friends not only make your life simple and easy but interesting as well!

There are many benefits when you have an amazing group of friends to guide you and to improve your life. In fact, you can sit back and Record Your Life Story for Your kids to know how important your friends are for your life!

Great idea, Right!

Every person is different and so is their viewpoint, friends not only help you to broaden your mindset but also makes you conformable when you are dealing which some difficult situation.

Further, in this article, we will enlighten you up with some of the most important and amazing reasons why friends are vital for you to live a happy life!

• Boosts Up Your Self-Esteem


There might be a possibility that we may doubt our abilities and our decisions, but trust me your best buddies’ won't. You might be going through a difficult phase but your friends will always stand by your side and encourage you to get over such situations!

That’s their magic!

• Understands You Very Well

At times we are so confused that it’s hard for us to make decisions, but friends they know what’s best for us. Even if it’s hard for us to express our feeling they will automatically understand.

This is the beauty of friendship!

• Helps To Nurture Your Personal Growth


“Sharing is caring “this is exactly what we are taught right from the beginning and we all live by this quote! Sharing your feeling and emotions helps to fight against all odds and rise up with flying colors. No one will tell you whether you are doing the things in the right way or wrong, but they will! Friendship is beyond any expectation and yes, friends for sure help us to grow!

•    Don’t Forget – Partners In Crime

Remember the last time you did mischief and who was there to encourage you to do so! Your best buddy, right! Friends are meant to take out the mischievous side of us and yes they are our best partners in crime.

Friends have a magic wand, which helps us to recognize our mischievous side as well.

•    Best Listeners

No one can listen to your problems and understand them well than a friend! Friends never judge you, in fact, they believe in providing you with the courage and comfort that everyone seeks for.

•    Add Years To Life

A happy human lives longer! Friends add extra moments of happiness in our lives which automatically means that our lifelines add extra years of happiness!


The upshot is very clear, everyone needs friends as they not only make your life happy but also helps us to understand our potential!