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9 Things Children Wish Their Parents Knew To Do With Them


Memories are always somehow or the other interconnected to the emotions, not only for the adults, but also for the kids, memories mean a lot to the kids no matter how intense it was. The involvement of parents in the daily routine of the kids is very important as this is how they try understanding about the things that their kids actually feel about different stuff going around them for an instance the environment of the school or their relationship with their friends or teachers, etc. Each and everything which goes around the kid helps in the overall development of the kid.

Sometimes it becomes tough for the kids to convey their feelings to their parents, but parents can at least try to understand their little one. Kids may feel shy to talk about their feelings to their parents so you can solve this problem by introducing them you some of the most useful applications where you have a leverage to easily Record Your Voice and convey the feelings.

So let’s give you an insight on some of the things where your kids wish you to understand them.

  • Kids Idolize Their Parents

    Kids look up to their parents; they even tend to in act and behave the same as their parents do under some circumstance. So always keep in your mind to behave well around them because this is how they will turn up to grow up like. You are an inspiration to them!

  • Discipline is Directly Proportional to Respect

    It’s not always important to keep kids in a strict environment to make them disciplined, but to make them consistent and learn about discipline can surely be done if you teach them to respect everyone and their feelings.

  • Let Your Kids Grow Within Themselves

    Every kid loves to explore the unexplored potential in them so that even they can understand what they are actually good at, there are many things that one can impose them to peruse but the dedication which comes from within is not possible when someone is forced. So give them space to nurture their feelings!

  • Kids Might Act When You Are Not Around

    Kids tend to change according to the surroundings; in fact, this is a natural human tendency. If your kid tends to act differently when you are not around then don’t be upset about it as they want to understand them and their privacy as well.

  • Never Assume Thing

    Coming to the part of assuming, it is one of the saddest parts which parents tend to indulge themselves into. Don’t assume things, but try to talk to your kids because your kids want you to talk to them so that they have a chance to keep their point.

  • You Have Certain Responsibility to Make Your Kid a Better Person

    The responsibilities not only end when your kid starts to go to school, but it is just the beginning, always make it sure that you are responsible enough to make your kid a better person to try to deal with all the situations in a more sorted manner.

  • Spend Time Some Quality Time

    Time is one of the biggest factors that can help you to bond over your kid as the more time you spend with your kid, more it will become easy for you to understand them. So go out hiking, dinner, movies and spend the best time together.

  • Encourage Dinner Time Together

    Dinner is the only time when all of the family sits together and talk about various things put up their various opinions and laughs together. To encourage such time because this is the only time which will be cherished over again and again.

  • Express Your Love to Them

    It’s totally fine if you don’t feel like expressing your feelings towards your kids every day, but ones in a blue moon this activity must be initiated as it will only make them feel how important they are in your life. So cuddle with them and make your kids feel good about the relationship.


Sometimes it becomes very difficult for one to express their feelings so if you feel that your kid is also going through the same, and then ask them to record your voice and share them with you as it will only help you to connect in a better manner.

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