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Become the Father that You Want Your Kids to Remember

Turing out to be a great dad isn’t about you holding your little one in a right position or may be knowing how to make her burp .Being a great dad to starts from the very beginning and the first step is to be a great husband. Getting involved with your better half into the complete process of prenatal. So just in case if you really want to get started by being a good dad, make sure that you are a good husband, because I read it somewhere that “great husbands make great dads”.

While you were a kid, what was the only thing that you wanted from your family, it was for sure a stable and a loving home, and you got it but now it’s time for you to provide the same to your kid! You can also use technology in the most innovative way for an instance; you can also use applications on your mobile phone that helps you to record your voice and teach your kids the way you want them to be in your absence. Put in the use of technology and record your voice to share your experiences with others.

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Always make it a point to work as hard as you can make your marriage as an example in front of everyone. The first time parents tend to totally freak out when they do deal with an infant, most of the time they don’t even leave their house wondering something might happen to the baby ,but trust me that’s just you being over protected about your kid and that is totally justified!

So today I will be sharing some of the most prized qualities that will make you remember in their hearts forever after all, to be a good human, kids always look up to their parents

• Be a kid with your kids

While you are with your kids always remember the fact that your kids do look up to you! Try to comfort your kids as much as you can so that your kids do absorb some of your qualities to inculcate into their own parenting years also!

• Express your affection for them

Kids do need a lot of affection, especially from the side of their parents. But talking specifically about dad they mostly struggle to show much of their affection to their kids and wife. Even I used to doubt the whether my dad loved me or not, but at this point of time I do realize that yes he did in fact unconditionally but failed to express .So try your level best to show your affection may it be in a simple form .

• Give them your valuable time

Times that a family spend together while you laughed together, served together, played together or simply living together are the moments that a kid will remember all through their life! Try to give them most of your valuable time, choose to be present with your kids at all of their important occasions so that you can be a part of their every memory!

• Love and respect your better half as well as your kids

Try to be a man of faith as every father wants his kids to be one! Teach them to be love god and focus on him by service others and serving others starts at your place love your wife; prioritize her by giving her all the respect and not only her ,but also to your kids, be their support ,whether they are in trouble or having fun make them trust you to the extent that they may never question your love!


It can be very hard for you to be a parent, but if you put your hard work and express yourself to your kids it will very easy! Trust me it will be, you can even record your voice into some of the most innovative mobile applications so that you can also be a helping hand for your kids while they too face the same situation!