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6 Effective Ways to Be a Kick Ass Positive Parent

We all are humans who are in continuous need of a healthy relationship may that be with our spouse, kids or friends there are that cravings to get the perfect and an ideal relationship. All of these bonds must be overloaded with trust, honesty, love and affection.

But at times these small little desires of wanting a perfect relation get overshadowed with most of the stereotype traditions of discipline that don’t act to keep your bond strong , in fact, it creates a sense of difference in it ,which is not at all good for life long bond. Old parenting techniques of punishing, hitting or scolding your kid may be beneficial for you in the short term, but it will definitely weaken your long term trust with our kid.

Such activities only create a sense of fear and mistrust in your kid, which will soon followed up by communication gap which can also lead your kid to misbehave with you, it’s always in your hands to make your kid an ideal human but all is required a bit of patience and understanding. You can even take help of some of the applications where you can record your voice and make your kids understand the true meaning behind your every action.

Parenting is all about making your bond stronger so that it becomes easier for both the parties to connect with each other.

• Be Original

Never ever try to showcase the figure of an ideal parent in front of your kids, because relations are only made over trust. Let your kids know how you are, or what kind of a person you are, this will only help them to know your qualities in a better manner.

• Try to be apologetic

Saying sorry won’t make you great it just sets a powerful example for your kid to follow. Being apologetic is not a big deal, it is only a gesture to make a bond stronger hence increasing the respect for one another.

• Try to say “YES”

Though it can be impossible for anyone to say “YES” all the time, but you can for sure try to manipulate your answering skills. Never say a blunt “NO” to your kid because we need to take care of the feelings of our little one which are equally valued.

• Spend some Quality Time

It is very important to spend some quality time with your kid, try to put yourself in their shoes and you would understand the need of spending time. You can go out for some extra activities like hiking, fishing, which will help you people for sure to bond over.

• Make events special for your kids

There are many days, which are supposed to be very special not only for a kid but also for us. Try to make them feel special on some of the specific days, as it will help them to understand the true value of each other.

• Try to value your long term goals

It is suggested to work on primarily on the long term goals to make your kid a better human being. Be by their side and teach them how to deal with different situation in some of the most convincing manner.


Parenting can be tough, but if you know how to deal with your kid in an optimistic manner, then you surely have a key to every lock. You can even record your voice and tips to be a good parent.