Pre Recorded Message App - Store Voice Messages or Eulogy Speech
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Gotta-Go App to Record Your Life Story, Funeral Speech & Legacy for Lifetime

I guess one of the scariest thought that might come across your mind is that we all live in the world of mortal beings and one or the other day our time might finish! Does that scare you? I guess! It does!

Perhaps in this dilemma you never ever try to use the boon that technology has given us! Most of us don’t even care! But what about our family, after we are no more? How will they cope up with their feeling? We never think about this!

But now I feel it’s high time that we must join our hands with technology to guide and inspire our people even after we are gone!

One of the most crucial segments of losing someone we love is to realize that we won't be ever be able to hear their voice again!

This is where technology help us!

New, free and easy to use applications are developed that helps your loved ones to record your voice on voicemails makes them your precious greetings, so they can feel your presence forever. Many huge companies are investing millions of dollars on this project so that your virtual presence always remains with them. There are applications like Gotta-Go App which helps you to record your voice messages, save pictures, memo so that these wishes can be sent when you are not there to guide your people.

It might be difficult to sit and visualize about you not present with them but somehow or the other we must take such steps! This method acts a like a huge support for those people who have recently lost their loved ones and are often in search of such connections, keen to believe such pictures which are not that reminiscent as spoken words.

Pictures can only capture some single moments but when it comes to pre record your legacy with Gotta-Go App that actually represents the whole person which adds on all the memories related to them acting as a triggered to them and feel good about the memories.

To any of the person, even the most tedious message can mean the world; just by hearing a familiar voice can bring back their happiness. The main motive of the Gotta-Go App is to give you a chance to speak before you lose it!

Trust me! Stepping into this world of technology and record your legacies and stories add meaning to the life of your kids! Your voice messages will help them to be more honest and connected to you!

Final Thought!

We all would be gone someday, so isn't it a good idea to keep your valuable stories in the most easy to use Gotta-Go App for your near and dear ones may it be intentional! At least it will give your people a chance to follow your legacy all through their life!