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Top 10 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year


As the New Year starts we tend to make many resolutions, but it’s quite hard for anyone to follow all of the resolutions! Isn’t it? Of course, it is but when it comes to following the resolutions for parenting, parents tend to put their 100% effort to give the best upbringing to their kid. Kids as the priority of the parents act in the way which is best suited for their little ones.

Almost standing at the doorstep of the new beginning, it is important to think about your duties again and not to leave any stone unturned, one can easily use a store voice message app and pull up their socks to some of the best parenting methodologies and to help you to reach your level of expectation we in this article have summed up some of the best parenting resolutions exclusively for you to reduce your stress!

•    There are many ways to say “NO”

Do you remember the time you bluntly said “NO” to your kid! It hurts right? So this year try to find some of the alternatives so that you can easily say no. By using an alternative way makes your kid understand why you said no.  Try to make them understand the reason behind your “no”, and they will for sure understand it.

•    Spend at least an hour with your kid

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Spending quality time is always suggested as a regular activity for the parents. Go hiking, fishing with your kid and make the best out for your limited time.

•    Exercise together

When you let your kids indulge in some of the other physical activity, it not only helps them to be fit and active but also acts as an add-on to your quality time. So don’t waste this opportunity!

•    Eat more of healthy meals


Healthy meals are not only about eating something more green or boiled, but there are many other things which can be healthy yet delicious. Try to cook together and share your views on healthy cooking.

•    Get rid of your devices

Whenever you get back from your workplace, try to avoid your contact with your smart device as it tries to occupy much of your time. So this year, minimize the time with your devices!

•    Share love and affection

Expressing your love and affection for your kid is very important because it makes them realize that you love them to the moon and back.

•    Start to work on your patience level

Staying calm not helps you to be at peace but also helps your kid to be at peace with you. Kids can be very naughty at times so instead of yelling at them try to show your patience level and make them understand the things in a well-suited manner.

•    Give them a few responsibilities

The year is almost on the verge of saying goodbye, so try to change your routine for your kid, give them some responsibilities and make them understand about the importance of growing up!

•    Communicate

Communication is the biggest tool when you want things to go well with the other person and trust me this method goes with your kid as well. Try to sit back and share your views and stories about yourself and let them know more about you.

•    Work on discipline and omit punishments

While you want your kids to be disciplined, this year try to omit the punishment ritual from your routine as punishments only make your kid feel insulted which would further lead him to misbehave.

Wrapping Up!

Everyone is making a new resolution for the upcoming year, so why are you lagging behind, use the Store voice messages app and remind yourself about your duties and resolutions!