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How to Record Short Voicemail Greetings for Family or Loved One’s

When a person departs, the main thing that they leave behind is much of the digital remembrances, but practically talking none of them are more soothing than listening to their own voice. Especially for the people who loved the departed soul, these small little casual voice recordings can put them into the tornado of emotions all over again! Yet, recording your voice for your loved ones can be one of the few ways which can actually make your people feel your virtual presence of you still being there for them and with them.

Huge companies are investing in the technology where you have an option to record your voice for your near and dear one so that they feel your presence always with them! There are numerous stories in the media who talk about the people they have lost have still their phones in working condition just to hear their voice mails. It is the human mentality to look out for some or the other link as it is very difficult to let go, so just to make these connections people search for photos or videos so that at least they have some or the other memory of their loved ones with them.

Keeping in mind all the situations for the future ,it’s high time that we must take some measure so as to help your loved ones after we are no more with them after all we all live in the world of mortal beings and none of us will live forever. So it’s our duty to be prepared and especially the work of recording our voicemails for our loved ones should be done by us.

Significance of such small gestures means a lot may be not to us at this particular time but in future in surely it will help them to cope up with every situation.

Listening to a familiar voice is a big relief! Isn’t it? This makes you feel that no doubt they are not present with you in person, but somewhere deep sown they are still connected to you! That emotional connection is a big comfort to take your people out of the trauma of your death. People who are still going through this phase are often in search of such emotional bonds, as going through the old voicemails or pictures can be of great comfort.

Think about it and try to put in some efforts by recording your voice which will remain with your near and dear ones forever. Though it can be quite difficult for one to think about their own death, but at least make an effort and try to record your life story which you want your kids to hear and get inspired after you are no more present with them. After all, no one wants their people to be in such situation!

Start to make a push in your life to jot down your memories and pictures with your family and friends so that you can always be remembered in one of the most beautiful ways!


Stepping forward with this decision can be a bit disheartening not only for you ,but it was for me as well, but at the end what we want is that the absence of us should never be felt by them! You can help them to face this type of situation by using the various applications which helps you to record your voice.

Tony Ward