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Record Your Voice Message or Eulogy with Gotta Go App

What I personally feel is that one of the most crucial segments of losing someone we love is to realize that we won't be ever be able to hear their voice again!

Does it get chills to your spine! Of course, it will! No one wants to face such situation but unfortunately, it's not possible. At some or the other point one may face such condition for sure!

Here technology plays a very important part! you want to know! let's read on.

Practically talking we end up talking to the important people in our lives on these digital, electronic devices more often than in person! Agreed?

This is where technology and professional teams come into play!

New, free and easy to use Pre-Recorded Message Apps are developed that saves your loved ones record your voice on voicemail makes them your precious greetings, so you can feel there presence forever. Many huge companies are investing millions of dollars on this project so that you can feel your departed one's virtual presence in your life. These applications help you to record your voice messages, save pictures, memo so that these wishes can be sent when you are not there to guide your people.

There are many stories where people dig into their voice mails just to hear the voices of the person who once was near to them these applications support such people by making them feel their virtual presence and help them to cope up better with their life.

Hearing the messages after someone departs is so sentimental and emotional as it rushes all those memories and feeling of hope, happiness and familiarity! Isn't it a sense of relief? as somewhere deep down in your heart you know they are with you!

People who have recently lost their loved ones often are in search of such connections, keen to believe such pictures which are not that reminiscent as spoken words

Pictures can only capture some single moments but when it comes to pre record your voice with Gotta Go App that actually represents the whole person which add on all the memories related to them acting as a triggered to thin and feel good about the memories

Final Notion

When you keep technology and emotions hand in hand it will only benefit you and your family as when you are gone these beautiful voice mails will help your loved ones to bring back their happiness. So pre-record voice and enjoy this boon of technology!