Pre Recorded Message App - Store Voice Messages or Eulogy Speech
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Securely Record Your Life Story for Loved Ones

If you feel that someone will tell your story after you depart, then I must tell you that there is rarely any chance that anyone will do it for you! Because no one will! Which means until and unless you don’t speak up for yourself anyone will come up to do so.

So in this era where technology is all what everyone seek for, why don’t even you securely record some of the beautiful moments and stories of your life to be preserved for your loved ones. Many companies are working hard to manage deaths even in this era because of which this is no longer a question to think about for any one of us. Smart devices and many applications have made it possible for anyone to upload their video, audio, photos or any pre-recorded message.

These messages will then be automatically send in the electronic way to the chose person at that very date or the location making it not a big deal to convey their last wishes.

I guess it’s high time that we all should realize that we are here for ourselves and all the work should be done by us .it’s time that we must realize the importance and significance of pre recording our own stories for our loved ones so that at least even if we are not with them, still they can feel our presence virtually!

By preserving our memories for them will not only fill that absence of us in their life but also will create the legacy of love, care and affection with them that we always wanted for them.

Everyone need that sense of presence!

Of course they need it!

I have heard ample of stories where people dig into their voice mails just to hear the voices of the person who was once with them these applications support such people help them to cope up better with their life. By memorising the memories, after someone departs is so sentimental and emotional as it rushes all those feeling of hope, happiness and familiarity!

Isn't it a sense of relief? As somewhere deep down in your heart you know they are with you!

People who have recently lost their loved ones often are in search of such connections, keen to believe such pictures which are not that reminiscent as spoken words.

Just try to put in some efforts with which you will be living with them all through their lives.

It can be formidable to think of jotting your life story. So don’t feel terrorized about it! Because after all whatever we do is only for our people! Isn’t it?

Start saving your beautiful stories may it be one at a time. For now, at least, forget about those boxes of old family photos from the attic and just start with this small step.

Final Notion!

Though taking this step can be a bit disheartening for anyone but at the end what we want is that our loved ones should never feel our absence in their lives after all we live in the world of mortals!

Go ahead and make a move!