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How to Write Successful Eulogy Speech for Myself

What I personally feel is that writing a eulogy speech for myself can be a bit of a task but it can help you too as it will be a start of a change that we all wish to see in this world. A eulogy writing can be flashing back of tons of beautiful memories, thoughts and images that you never wish to lose. While writing this I just had a small glance of one of mine which involves many people talking about me after I have passed! At that point of time I had no opportunity to respond or speak or to tell my thoughts to them because there was no one for me to listen ! I had that very chance all through my life but it's not that easy to paint the canvas of who we were and how our society perceived us.

Wondering about death helps you and other people to get back to reality that the time in this world Is not infinite. Once we all realize this then after that we all realize it is a good option to embrace the meaning of life.

But after we have departed what about our people!

Writing an Eulogy for Family & Loved Ones can be of great help not for us but for the people that we have left behind as it brings a sense of comfort to their trembling thoughts!

So how can it benefit people! Let's discuss!

Look at our main objectives as when you are no more, when you have no longer access to speak, you are only left with your thoughts and legacy behind.

Reflecting our thoughts, helps to guide our people in the right direction When it's time to leave, we all will be mentally prepared as it is no more a surprise for us.

Writing a eulogy speech add meaning to our lives as while writing you try to jot down your best thoughts and memories without being bias. It will be a lightning process for everyone to be very honest, it may be very hard to believe but that will help you to change the things you always wanted for.

Final Thoughts

While I very writing a Eulogy Speech for myself, that was a kind of a bold step for me because even I don’t want to realize that my time on this planet is finite! But after this what I got realize is that when it is the final time we should ever be like them whose hearts are filled with fear or with the fear that we wouldn’t be ever with our people to guide them. Be brave and jot down your beautiful memories so that people can look up to you as a great example.