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7 Tips to Help Your Teens Get a Good Night's Sleep

According to the studies, it is suggested that teens should get more of sleep as compared to that of the adults. Though it can be quite amusing, yes, it is true. But the matter of fact which also lies true is that almost 95% of the teens tend to go through a schedule which leaves them to sleep deprived. But being a responsible parent, it’s your duty to bring your kid back on the track so that they don’t indulge themselves into bad sleeping habits, which will not only affect their sleep but also their health.


So, let’s enlighten you up with some of the most relevant tips and tricks which will help your kid get the silent sleep that they had been missing out on.

•    Help them to create a good night routine

Goodnight routine is best for adults and kids as well. The main reason behind this practice is that it not only helps your kid to get rid of sleep deprivation, but also helps them to wake up early and fresh.

•    Make them sleep in a quiet room

Making them sleep in a quiet room helps to get ample of sleep as many electronic devices can make your kid sacrifice their sleep. So, avoid using such devices and enjoy the sleep.

•    Try to provide them with high carbohydrate snacks

While many of the dietitians suggest that if your kid is suffering from sleep deprivation you can for sure high them a diet with has abundant of carbohydrates, as they not only make you feel warm but also sleepy.

Try having wafers, popcorn’s, pretzels they are tasty and make your sleep faster.

•    Avoid caffeine

Products which contain caffeine must be avoided at night as it causes a disruption while you are having a sound sleep. Many popular drinks do contain caffeine in their drinks so, read before consumption.

•    Encourage physical activity

Encouraging physical activity is very beneficial only for your kid to remain fit, but also helps in providing them the sound sleep. Indulging at least 20 minutes of exercise in your routine helps your kid to get back to their routine.

•    Get rid of devices

Light, which is being emitted by the devices, does break your sleeping pattern. So before you sleep makes it a point to keep your devices away from you so that your kids don’t sneak and use the device.

•    Introduce your kids to meditation

Introduction of meditation is very important in your schedule as it helps your mind and body to relax and recover as well. It also helps to enhance your concentration skills and when your body relaxes, it automatically gets the sleep it wants.

Bottom Line!

Getting a sound sleep is very crucial for the development of your kid and if you feel that your kid is going through sleep deprivation than you must put some efforts to get them back to their routine!

Tony WardParenting, Kids, Family