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5 Tips to Write Perfect Funeral Speech for a Friend

Funerals are one of the most difficult time for anyone, as it can be very painful especially when it comes to the family and friends who are asked to deliver an eulogy for the deceased person. Speaking in front of everyone or giving a memorial address in public is quite a task at that particular point of time.

We in this blog will help you to prepare the best funeral speech for a friend so that you can be give them the best goodbye as you always wanted to give!

But first of all, what are eulogy meant for?

Eulogy is one of the most powerful messages that one could every deliver in the memory of the deceased person. It is regarded as the memory of the person that the person lived all through their lives! These eulogies help you to put your loss in perspective and helps you to know that yes you can cope up very well with the situation by remembering them in your memories!

Eulogies have evolved a lot, these small speech about life of the person who had passed away helps people to focus on the memories of the departed person.

It is a sort of a tribute to the person, summing up their life beautifully!

Let me enlighten you up with how to write perfect funeral speech for a friend!

It can be quite depressing for people to attend funerals as they are already upset so too much of humor won’t work! Try to balance your eulogy between humor and the reflection of the departed soul.

Try to frame up your memories and add it into the eulogy to make it more interesting and like a beautiful story!

Never list!

Listing is never a person will be ever interested into so try to avoid listing of life events and moreover in a eulogy of 5-7 minutes people tends to loose their interest as it tends to be monotonous.

Prefer quality over quantity

Just try to bring the most memorable things that helps to highlight the persona of the departed soul .Try to paint the canvas together with more of a familiar pictures.

Try to talk

Talking to their family and friends help you to get the best stories about them. Like what made them so unique and what they meant to people around them.

Honesty at its best

Never bring the negative side of the person as no one is there to hear that! Honesty is what everyone strikes for, always use the best memories and your honesty to mold the best of the eulogy.

Story telling

Jot down the memories in such a way so that the audience can also feel how you people were so closely connected to each other.

Final Notions

Delivering a Funeral Speech for a Friend could be tough but it is a huge responsibility! Try to give your level best in delivering the eulogy as it is an honour to pay that final tribute to your friend.

Tony Ward