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Unforgettable Memories of Father-Son Relationship

Father - son relation can be very compound because of the fact that their relation can be the bundle of humongous ups and downs as it includes many interests which can be quite hard for them to relate each other. 

At times fathers and son can feel a bit ruthless especially when it comes to compete against each other and more over their male tendencies or ego do not let them to communicate with each other as both of them wants to be the best in their part of relation, but the tragedy is that no one actually knows how to be one!

As I have seen many relations, in fact with the relation with my own son, it differed! Relationship with my own son is totally different to that relation which I shared with my father Other which my father would have shared with his. Interaction and bond have become a key to strengthen each and every relation. So, to make this quite easy for everyone huge companies have started to take an initiative, as they know the advantages of technology, they have started to develop store voice message app which helps you to enlighten you kid about the legacy you people share.

So, let's identify some of the most important aspect which can make your relation an outburst of unforgettable memories!

•        Recognize that kids idolize their father

Believe it or not son's do idolize their fathers and it only helps kids in their personal development but also in their mental development. How a father interacts with his mother or with his siblings all gets noted in their brain, so always try to be a perfect father because after all what we want in the end is that our kid to become a good human.

•        Listen to the ideas of you son

Men do suffer from serious issues when it comes to communicating. Talking about the early ages, kids used to fear their fathers which lead to a huge gap between their way of talking as well as that of thinking, So, try to bridge up that gay in advance before you feel that it's too late for you to mend it. 

•        Get involved in some son father activities

Try to indulge yourself into such activities which are also preferred by your son. As it will not only help you people to bond over but also helps you to know each other. Try to go out for hiking or campaigning together and share your experiences with you kid so that even he knows that how sporty his dad is!


To make a bond with your son is must because, in all of his super hero's he looks up to you! As he wants to becomes one, try to show your optimistic side and see the change moreover you can even use technology to store voice messages app so that you can forward your legacy to your kid!