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Why Fathers are Tough, Inflexible and Unloving

To maintain a perfect and loving Father Child relation it is must to have three keys factors which goes on like involvement, affection and influence. At times, it may be very difficult for a parent to express themselves to their kids, but mostly fathers do care for their kids and families as well, but due to their male tendencies it becomes tough for them to manifest them.

A love of a father bestows as much or even more at times in the overall development of their kid as compared to that of the love given by the mother. Which makes it one of the most important reason behind the acceptance of the personality of your kid and into their adulthood as well.

Technology is loved by everyone and there are many of the applications available for your smart phones as well for your tablets where you can listen to some of the pre recorded messages of your elders to deal with this situation, while you are already going with the roller coaster ride of parenting.

Though father’s can be very tough, inflexible and unloving, but that is not true in the reality they do feel love for their kid, but due to certain male tendencies it become tough for them to express ,but this can be undone .

Let’s discuss some of the most common ideas on why it becomes difficult for fathers to struggle with their feelings.

1. Give them time to understand their feelings!

Mostly fathers are looking forward to solve their problems, but the most effective way to do so is to communicate with your kids. They prefer solving because this gives them ample time to perceive their feelings.

2. They prefer to express in their physical nature rather than to express

Men find it quite easy to express through body language like that of facial gestures , gritting teeth .Many fathers do express themselves while they pat , hug or do a high five with their, kid which is also one of their gesture of love .

Just because of the fact that a father might be behaving as if he never cares about his kid, but that is not what he actually meant!

3. The greater their feeling , more time will be taken by them

Fathers or specifically men do take a longer time to understand about what they feel especially towards their kids. Fathers are never inflexible or unloving it’s just that its it their nature to complicate things and feelings, but with time they tend to make their feeling less complicated ,which makes it easy for them to bond with their kid.


Fathers are never tough or not so flexible on their kids, it’s just that they need some time to realize their feelings and work on them and to help them with this situation they must be given with some time to analyze it, many pre recorded messages application are also there which help you to listen to you or your elder messages so as to deal with all the situation in a peaceful manner.

Tony Ward