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How Writing Your Own Eulogy Can Help You Live Your Best Life

In our world of consciousness, we all hide ourselves from “death”. In fact, we would love to prefer just to pretend as if we will be living forever! At times people would do anything and everything turns this into reality! It’s just a matter of a thought that we feel our absence is a bad omen, but just in case if you bear that time and try to reflect your own death that would be even much crazy as to write your own eulogy ,which will at the end provide you with some of the best gift of your life!

By envisaging your own impermanence ,you can be enlighten about an amazing sense of perspective as well as the clarity that would after all help you to decide what you actually want in your life ! What are your goals and expectations for yourself! Which will at last be helping you to follow your heart just to accomplish your dreams!

Most of us are not clear about our life goals or who we are or what we actually want! It’s hard for us to sit and gain that clarity that we are looking out for because of which we just go with the flow and at the end start to regret what all we could have done!

But while we start to imagine our own death gradually things start to become clearer! I won’t say that this blog would be beneficial for everyone, but let’s hope for the best!

Let’s begin then!

Imagine if you died!

Just imagine as if you died! I wish to put such words in a bit softer context, but it’s hard! Moreover, it’s of no use to twist and turn this statement. Its way too hard to imagine your body lying down while your family and friends surround you in grief! Just try to imagine what will happen when you are gone! Just try to visualize this scenario and list it up what all you want to do before you depart!

Jot down your eulogy

Eulogy is basically a reflection of all the work they did or the kind of the person the departed soul was! Right in the same manner try to jot down your eulogy as you are a living being, just think about the stuff you wanted everyone to know about you.

Start to work on your goals

At this point of time, you must already be in the good notion, but the good news is you are done with the hardest part, but now it’s time for you to plan how to make things work .Try to set your goals into smaller ones first as by bits and pieces you will be able to accomplish it well because when the path in front of you is clear you know exactly what to do! Just boost up your speed and reach your destination!

Follow your decision

Now it’s time for a boom! You have taken all of your time to think about it and write a eulogy and buck up yourself with all of your broken goals as now you would have exactly understood how it feels to depart without fulfilling your goal!.....

Final thoughts

Transformation is a big thing! Which won’t be happening suddenly, but gradually it will only if you want it to happen! To write your own eulogy is not easy ,but it helps you to understand your responsibilities not only towards your family but towards your own goals also!

Try stepping into those shoes and feel the difference!